Grape County


What is known as Grape County today was once a barren land surrounded
by dense forest and divided by a small stream.

We had a vision to create a self-sustainable community in this valley by restoring the native flora and fauna and creating an environment where they can thrive. The whole area was then developed with the guidance of environmentalists, landscapers, horticulturists to ensure everything is done in the least evasive way.

Today, we are an eco-resort hosting 11 Sky Room and 7 luxury tents that promise to give you
an up close experience of nature.

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Eco-living: Build your
own Eco Home here.

We endeavour to help you create spaces of coexistence by adopting and designing homes that consider the topography and ecology of the land. Under this concept every home will be uniquely handcrafted with least invasion and will adhere to strict architectural guidelines to make sure that it holds the highest standards of sustainability.

Nature Loving

The more you experience nature, the more you appreciate and care for it. We have been successful in bringing together a community of like-minded people by creating awareness and giving them real experiences with nature.

Coexist With Nature

Green Spaces connect people with nature as a way of life. In all everything we do, be it Eco living, Wellness, Eco Retreats or Organic Farms, we have nature at its core. Even our corporate office building is a first certified green building in Nashik that demonstrates eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction.

We have set out on an 'eco-imagination' path that involves development of sustainable urban projects and conservation of environment and natural resources.